Staff and Associates

Photo credit: SoulSoap/flickr

NATO Watch has a director and a number of associates with expertise in a wide range of NATO-related issues. Associates are listed below in alphabetical order (For a list of Associates in alphabetical order by country of location, please click here). Please click the name for a more detailed profile. Associates participate on an individual basis and any listed affiliation is for identification purposes only.

This informal grouping of NATO Watch Associates is the most crucial aspect of the project: they are the eyes and ears for monitoring developments across an Alliance that directly affects over 20% of the global population. Our aim is to have at least one NATO Watch Associate in each Member, Partner and Contact country. There is no obligation on the associates whatsoever (other than agreeing to having a photo and profile posted on this website) and contributions to the work of NATO Watch are entirely voluntary and on an 'opt-in' basis. So, if you share our aims and would like to contribute to NATO Watch in some way, for example, by writing briefings, reviewing or taking part in research project bids, writing book reviews, or simply fielding some of the media enquiries that come in, please contact Ian Davis.

We are looking to create a diverse grouping of associates with a wide-range of political and organisational affiliations, as well as national perspectives from all corners of the Alliance's membership and outreach. We believe that the credibility of NATO Watch will benefit from having a pool of associates that includes the most trenchant critics of NATO as well as former Alliance officials.

Stephanie Blair

Stephanie has provided consultancy and advisory services for: United States Institute for Peace (USIP), War-Torn Societies Project (now InterPeace), OCHA Civil Military Coordination Section (CMCS),