Stephanie Blair

Stephanie has provided consultancy and advisory services for: United States Institute for Peace (USIP), War-Torn Societies Project (now InterPeace), OCHA Civil Military Coordination Section (CMCS), Centre for Security Sector Management (CSSM) at Cranfield University, the Challenges Project, and the Kosovar Centre for the Documentation of Human Rights (KODI). She serves on the editorial board of the Pearson Papers, is a Board Member for International Security Information Service, Europe (ISIS) and a Senior Advisor at KODI. She has published widely on peacekeeping and crisis management issues and has conducted training and policy development for peacekeepers since 1995. Her expertise spans the civilian dimension of peace operations and she has served in a variety of capacities in a number of peace operations, including as Deputy Director of Human Rights and then as Head of the first Field Office for OSCE Mission in Kosovo. She has also served in other Balkan countries, Haiti and Cambodia.