NATO Watch Observatory No.58

Quarterly newsletter focused on NATO policy-making and operational activities.

In this edition (October-December 2021):

NATO Watch Comment:

Are we all complicit in NATO’s whitewashing of two decades of failure in Afghanistan?

Book Review:

Europe as the Western Peninsula of Greater Eurasia: Geoeconomic Regions in a Multipolar World

News, Commentary & Reports: Afghanistan – After NATO; Arctic Security; Arms Control and Disarmament; Autonomous Warfare and Artificial Intelligence; Belarus Crisis; China-NATO relations; Climate Change; Collective Defence; Cyber Security, Information Warfare and Hybrid Threats; Defence Budgets, Procurement and Burden Sharing; Enlargement and Partnerships; NATO Defence Ministers Meeting, October 2021; NATO Foreign Ministers Meeting, November-December 2021; NATO Military Committee; NATO Parliamentary Assembly; Nordic Security; Nuclear Weapons; Operations and Missions (Iraq and Kosovo); Russia-NATO Relations; Secretary General; Space Policy; Special Forces; Transatlantic Cooperation; Transparency and Accountability; Women, Peace and Security

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NATO Watch is a not-for-profit, independent information service, which works to promote public awareness and foster debate on the role of NATO in public life. It advocates for more openness, transparency and accountability within the alliance.

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