Border Wars: Preview of the NATO Defence Ministers’ Meeting

For Immediate Release: 8 October 2012


Contact: Dr. Ian Davis | +44 (0)7887 782389


Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen previewed the upcoming NATO Defence Ministers meeting (Brussels, 9-10 October 2012) during his monthly press briefing on 1 October, stating that the major items on the agenda will be the missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo and ‘defence capabilities’.  The latter may also include further discussions on the divisive issue of NATO’s nuclear posture and future of tactical nuclear weapons.

Presumably, further discussion on the deteriorating situation in Syria will also be on the ministerial agenda. These four issues all involve complex cross-border disputes of one sort or another, which have put NATO in the spotlight – but whether the Defence Ministers can do much to illuminate them is another matter.  For further details please see the attached media briefing (pdf).

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