Oleksiy Kolomiyets

Photo of Oleksiy Kolomiyets

Oleksiy is president of the Centre for European and Transatlantic Studies, Ukraine (since 2005). Oleksiy was appointed project manager of the EUREKA Initiative in 2004 and also became editor-in-chief of “The Euro-Atlantic Ukraine” site. He is a member of the Coordination Council of Civic League “Ukraine-NATO”. Former posts include: Executive Director of “Ukraine – European Choice” (2002); Head of international relations and management branch of the Foundation of Youth Democratic Initiatives (1999-2002); assistant to member of Kyiv City Council (1999-2003); Secretary International for the Young Rukh (1994-2000); senior analyst for the department of political analysis in the Rukh’s Secretariat (1996-99); and various positions in the Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences (1988-1997), where he was also a post-graduate student (1985-88). He is the author of more than 100 analytical papers, articles and reports on transatlantic relations and the transformation of international institutions (including the EU and NATO).