Liviu Muresan

Photo of Liviu Muresan

Founder and Executive President of the EURISC Foundation (European Institute for Risk, Security and Communication Management). Liviu held several positions in government, including Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister, Romanian Government and Interior Minister; and High Representative of the Romanian Government to the Anti-Corruption Initiative of the Pact of Stability (SPAI) and the Combating Organized Crime Initiative (SPOC). He was Director of the Romanian Agency for setting up the regional SECI Center for Combating Transborder Organized Crime, and as the Deputy Director of the National Defence College he was the first civilian appointed in command position in the Romanian Army (1993-1994). He was a member of the Romania Parliament, leader of the Majority (1990-1991) and the Deputy Chief of the Romanian Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. He is Executive President of the Euro-Atlantic Council Romania – Casa NATO. He is an Associate Professor with the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest - where he got his Ph.D. in Economics (1978).