How can I contribute to NATO Watch?

You can write for us, help with research, and consider becoming an associate, a consultant or a supporter-partner. We are always looking for subject-matter experts who bring deep knowledge and experience of NATO or NATO-related issues – especially in relation to specific member states. If you meet this description we would love to talk with you. Likewise if you have expertise in, or ties to, the media, parliament or Congress, the blogosphere or the advocacy community in any NATO Member State, Partner or Contact country.

Last but by no means least, your financial contribution at this early stage could make a big difference -- enabling us to convene experts, craft policies, get the message out, rebut misinformation and ultimately move NATO reform in a positive direction.

Offers of help in various ways are genuinely welcome. To get more information, offer feedback or guidance, suggest key analyses or experts to consult, or explore a financial contribution, please contact Ian Davis, Director [idavis at].

You can also make a donation via PayPal by clicking here.