NATO's new Strategic Concept - An Illustrative Draft

Klaus Wittmann - September 2010
As another contribution to the development of NATO’s new Strategic Concept, which was devised by the Secretary General as a transparent, participatory and inclusive process, attached is an “illustrative draft” written by Brigadier General (ret.) Dr. Klaus Wittmann, which is meant to demonstrate two things:
1.    that it is possible to produce a document which is brief, succinct and concise as well as publicly comprehensible, and still lays out NATO’s “grand strategy” in a meaningful and substantive way, providing clear guidance for the foreseeable future;
2.    that, however, much “dispute potential” still exists.
The paper has been sent to NATO HQ, to Member and Partner governments, to members of the strategic community and of the press – as an independent input for the debate. NATO Watch is grateful to Dr Wittmann for granting permission to reproduce it on this website.